Digital Vault Backup Solution.

Digital Vault Backup Solution.

WebGate Networking Solutions can now offer an online storage vault for digital valuables, giving you a place to keep everything from movies, music, emails and address books to photos, documents and presentations. This Digital Vault solution is protection against PC crashes, theft or accidental deletion.

You can access the vault from any computer connected to the Internet, while all personal data is compressed and encrypted when transmitted and then stored in a secure data centre.

Digital Vault is a pay per GB of storage solution at a cost of $165.00 a month billed quarterly and you receive 40GB of storage. The system has redundancy backup in Sydney, Queensland and Melbourne so you can sleep at night knowing that your critical data is safe in the event of any disaster.

We provide you with the Digital Vault Backup Manager, which allows you to choose which computer folders you want to back up, the Backup Manager will then automatically backup the files each time they are changed or more files are added.

Millions of us now routinely store our memories, thoughts and valuable content on our PCs. For example, more than half of PC owners now store their photos on their PCs. To lose this
information in the event of a ‘crash’ or theft would be devastating. Our Digital Vault Solution offers a, simple and safe way to store your data.

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