SMS Gateway

Email to SMS & Web Based SMS system.

Welcome to our SMS solution you can send your text messages straight from your email. Email to SMS is the simplest and quickest form of sending messages from your PC to a mobile phone.

Email-to-SMS simply requires you to send an email to the recipients mobile phone For example, to send an SMS to 0412 711 755, address your email to [email protected] The content of the message can be typed in the subject field and/or body of your email. The system will receive the email, and send it to the recipient’s mobile phone immediately. Simple!

Our web based solution allows you to create a DB of numbers for bulk SMS distribution of the same message, you can upload your existing DB of numbers or create one from scratch. Our web based administration front end is easy to use in three simple steps you have selected the DB you want to send the messages to you then copy and past your text into a field and you then click on the send button.

To signup to WebGate’s Email-to-SMS or to our Web Based SMS solution please complete our online signup form or call us on 1300 WEBGATE.

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Once off Set-up: $49.00
No Monthly Access Fee

Messaging Rates (Inc GST)

We are so confident that our solution will benefit your organisation that there are no contract periods and we provide a 30 day money back guarantee.

Plan Name SMS Messages Quantity Price
SMS SILVER 1000 units $170.00 AUD
SMS GOLD 2000 units $300.00 AUD
SMS PLATINUM 3000 units $390.00 AUD