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Kasbah Imports


Thanks guys for all your IT support, keep up the good work! Thanks to WebGate and their rapid deployment, we've just launched our new website! I would also like to say thank you to all your staff for all the good advice.


Michel Winegart

Lending CO

Since becoming a customer of WebGate we have been well supported - both in a professional way and time wise. Personally, I am enjoying the friendly and easy relationship we have built over the past few years. With many thanks! Keep up the great work!!


Christine Drougas

S.P.L Security


WebGate provides an excellent service. One that we have not experienced with our previous providers. The IT support is great and response time to any problem is fast an efficient.


Alan Latu
General Manager

Alan Latu, Manager

Mr Wash


We used WebGate to install, configure and now maintain all our IT equipment.


On call break fix works well for us and we couldent be happier.


Thank You to the team at webgate for all there help.


Angelo Nicou


Angelo Nicou, Owner